Our Music studio is a creative recording, production and rehearsal space for young musicians to explore their sonic passions. Participants of Artful Dodgers can book in for a 30 minute instrument lesson or 1 hour recording / song-writing session with one of our musicians.

Sessions are relaxed, inviting and tailored to each participant’s creative goals and skill level. Whether you are a beginner, an underground upstart or a budding pop star, the music studio is a great place to try out some ideas, record some sounds and get your musical bones moving.

Artful Dodgers Studios run a fully equipped art studio staffed with professional practising artists. You can work with a range of traditional and contemporary art forms, spend time doing artistic research online or just come in and get inspired. If you have an idea, we can probably help you do it!

You can work on a range of projects such as: video, animation, fashion, illustration, painting, photography, ceramics and sculpture.

We’re really excited to introduce our brand new ceramics studio.

We have loads of clay and glazes, ceramic tools, six pottery wheels, and all the other bits and pieces you’ll need to get creating.

Most exciting of all, we have two kilns to fire our finished creations.

Fridays are officially clay days here at the studios.  Come and learn how to hand build or try your hand at the wheel.

No experience is necessary as you’ll be guided through the process.