In November 2015, Artful Dodgers released ‘Reverberate’, a compilation CD of artists from our music studio. Showcasing original songs developed under mentorship from our team of resident musicians, over 18 different artists strut their stuff on the album, spanning a wide range of genres as diverse as the young people who created them. From Sudanese hip hop to Koori soul, punk rock to intimate folk, the CD puts the limelight on some of the most innovative sounds emanating from Melbourne’s vibrant community of emerging musicians. The CD features songs from:

Da Hypnotist, Lawrence Austin Jr, FlybZ, Erics Town, Riak Riak, Ronikka, Tracey Matt, The Desolettes, Travellers and many more. 

The compilation was launched on November 19th as part of Melbourne Music Week at ‘The Channel’ a youth arts space in Melbourne’s Arts Centre. The launch featured live performances from artists featured on the compilation, as well as newcomers to our music studios including:

Caution, Ronikka, Aromer, Morgan Weise, Travellers, Riak, BJ Steve and many more.

If you would like a hardcopy of the CD please come and collect one from The Artful Dodgers Studio. Otherwise check out some of the tracks here.