Rudder Exchange Visual Arts Mentoring Partnerships (REVAMP) matched established visual artists (mentors) with young people with a passion for art (mentees) to work together in a mentoring partnership. Mentor – mentee partnerships were primarily matched by art form.

Upon entering the program many of the mentees had faced barriers to employment or education and had not undergone formal arts training, however they were dedicated to their arts practice.

Positive, enduring, creative relationships were fostered between mentees and mentors. A collegiate atmosphere developed in the REVAMP Studio with the young artists putting many hours into development of their practice. Many of the 2011-2013 REVAMP alumni transitioned to Tertiary Education to pursue Visual Arts.

REVAMP is currently in a hiatus pending further funding.

‘REVAMP is an exuberant celebration of artists with a desire to share their artistic journey to date. Visiting the REVAMP Studios gave me the opportunity to witness first hand the importance of having an experienced artist to work with, and how this enriches both the mentee and mentors practice.’

Juan Davila (REVAMP artistic patron)

HABITAT was an exhibition presenting the artistic outcomes, the process of collaboration, experimentation and work in progress of nine established artists (mentors) and nine young artists (mentees) at the Artful Dodgers Studios as part of the Rudder Exchange Visual Arts Mentoring Partnerships. HABITAT exhibited the work of the 2012 partnerships and the 2011 artists who had continued an artistic dialogue beyond the scope of their six month partnerships


A collaboration between REVAMP and NGV Studio

 2012 Rudder Exchange Visual Arts Mentoring Partnerships

Chloe Walsh & Amy Alexander  (Hand drawn animation)                                   

Jaqueline Black & Sheridan Mills (Stop frame animation)

T.R. An T.R An & Madame Laissez Aller (Installation)

Gabrielle Ann Borden & Wendy-Jane Shepard (Mixed media drawing)

 2011 Rudder Exchang Visual Arts Mentoring Partnerships

ALAL (Painting)

Autumn Tansy & Yandell Walton (Video installation)

Clare O’Shannessy & Annee Miron (Sculpture)

Anthony Skabies & Mike Makatron (Drawing)

Kati Eyles & Kate Geck (Installation and multimedia)